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French 4 sheriff: Law and the facts

Posted by Mark French on Thursday, May 13, 2022

French 4 sheriff: Law and the facts

Posted by Mark French on Thursday, May 13, 2022

French 4 sheriff: Law and the facts

Posted by Mark French on Thursday, May 13, 2022

A 4th generation Montanan farmer/rancher/lab scientist. Katy, God and I raised 5 children. A quick picture of my approach is demonstrated in Andy Griffith. Andy is a PEACE OFFICER. Barney is not. The people like Andy, tough on real crime resulting in a victim. People roll their eyes at Barney, enforcing the letter of the law.

Main focus:

Theft, Drug trafficking, vehicular threat, assault and Government encroachment. Standing in the gap between government and our: Children, health, food production, Forest land, businesses, homes, Guns and churches. Prevent Judicial and legislative tyranny. I understand SEPARATION OF POWERS. Unlawful judicial orders and legislative codes will not be executed.


Through mutual Respect and relationship with the people and the “ACCOUNTABILITY TEAM”. The volunteer team is established with respected people throughout the County. Not an echo chamber or an endorsement for the Sheriff, but wisdom power and accountability, providing balance for the sheriff and the people. The Sheriff will cooperate with this team to find solutions and focus “people pressure” on areas beyond his jurisdiction, encouraging government to do their intended job and not encroach on County sovernty. The Team will allow us to solve our own problems preventing need of outside Government help. Being from here, much of the team is already in place. I know the land, history and many of the people.


Relationship building. Not intimidation. It will be fun to build trust one by one. In the process find and prevent crime. Department staff will enjoy structure, clear and regular communication, clear expectations and respectful and enjoyable relationship. Due to the Peace Officer attitude, the Staff will enjoy relationship and respect from the public as the public is left alone to live free of annoying crime.


I dont just talk but practice freedom for the people. Served in politics consistently promoting Liberty. Legal experience through multiple Court cases and legilsative bills. Public service seminars on medical issues including Covid, public action alerts on current events. Let a local serve you. Those coming from other places left for a reason and came here for a reason.

Common sense says: People not harming others should be left alone. The Second Amendment is a crucial factor in liberty.

May 11, 2022: letter to the liberty-minded peace-loving people of Sanders County

The status quo is not going to get us where we want to be. We will eventually get to the point where we need to make a change to what only my candidacy offers. Will it be too late by then?

Is Shawn Fielders going to take his experience from 27 years in Oregon (that he admits has failed based on him leaving that and moving to Sanders County) and put his experience to work here? Is the popular phrase: “doing the exact same thing and expecting a different result“ going to be employed by us here in Sanders County through Fielders? If he is sheriff, who is going to un-teach him what he’s been soaked in for 27 years and teach him principles of the constitution? He may think he doesn’t need to change or learn.

Is it wise to take a severe constitutional novice, at best and try to train him on the job as Sheriff? The learning curve is too steep.

See his add in the May 4th Ledger where he claims his job is to protect and serve in “all matters” and he is the last line of defense. This is who he is and how he thinks and will manifest in his sheriff leadership. Is this really what we want? He claims an open door policy but does not make his phone number available. This simple detail reveals a city and populous approach not Sanders County Montana. He claims a zero tolerance drug policy. Does this mean “drug trafficking” of illegal purchase and distribution of COVID drugs that saved lives all over Western Montana will see the hard hand of the law? Does he know that his job is not to protect and serve but to secure our God-given unalienable rights of life liberty and property revealed in paragraph two sentence two of the declaration of independence? His ad reveals he does not know the basic purpose of government, securing the right to choose our own level of risk. If the purpose was to protect, horse back riding and many other risky behaviors would be illegal. Not knowing the purpose of your job is a big problem. Hiring him would be similar to going swimming without water. Further, my vetting him revealed he has no understanding of the separation of powers based on his belief that he (executive branch) must obey the order of a judge. He also revealed he does not understand the difference between the LAW (constitutions) and code which is the product of the Legislature. He has the authority and responsibility to “check and balance” the product of the legislative branch if the code is not “LAWful.” An example is the seatbelt code. See Article 2:28 of the Montana Constitution.

Or... do we want Stough or Scott with their Federal connections in the light of Montana Constitution Art 2 sect 33, and all the strings attached? Even if the federal help does not include men but just equipment, do we want MRAPs and SWAT? Do we want a heavy handed Federal military-like leader waging war in sanders county and bringing “order” with the heavy hand of crushing power? Is this why all our new friends who have recently moved here came? …


Would we rather employ the Liberty approach through internal people-power where we take care of ourselves from inside?

Socialism is a result of asking government to fix all of our problems. Liberty comes from self control and self (Holy Spirit) power and responsible management from within. The reason why people are getting desperate enough to consider allowing outside and federal forces is because I am hearing little is being done inside the county right now to quench crime. It seems to be open season for thieves and drug dealers in Sanders County. That needs to change, but changed carefully with people power not a sheriff inviting in outside forces.

We might as well make the change to a Liberty approach now while we still can and avoid some of the stress and trauma. Your influence and your circle of friends could make the difference putting me in the general election. Make the call. Send the email.

Support a local, grounded in the constitution and the Scriptures. People might follow your lead. This sheriff would develop an accountability team consisting of already respected individuals in the communities throughout the county, using them as a sounding board and wisdom resource for the debacles we are going to be faced with, in the near future.

Today May 11th. The majority of the primary election will take place within the next week. Over 70% of all Sanders County voting takes place absentee. Those ballots will start hitting the post office May 13th. I strongly encourage you to hold off until just before June 7th before you vote. There is a lot of dynamic in the six man race that you may miss if you vote early.

The Covid phenomenon has been a huge issue and impact on the entire globe. I believe it is currently on hold but will raise its ugly head in one form or another again. Therefore, I believe it is of utmost importance to the people that we have a sheriff with significant medical background and can speak the medical and legal language to stand in the gap between oppressors and the people. There are many other subjects where standing in the gap will be significant in our future, where a constitutional sheriff can have a significant role in preserving/restoring our freedoms through liberty: Eroding gun rights, food producing and procurement freedoms, assembly freedoms to include church type assembly, communication liberties, freedoms like travel and purchasing altered through surveillance and social scores, mandates, masking, speech and pronoun usage, "hate" speech, assault on traditional religious practice, specifically Christianity, etc. Vote fraud is paramount to the future of our Republic. See the documentary “2000 mules”. The issue is paramount. The sheriffs role in addressing vote fraud can be significant.

We have watched our loved ones die in the hospital by themselves without friends and family around them. We have had medical staff refuse loved ones being with each other in their dying moments. We need a sheriff who will stand in the gap (backed by the accountability team/the people) and insist on dialogue resulting in logical practice that will satisfy both parties. A hospital or a doctor should not be able to simply say: “no” you cannot be with your loved one. The hospitals regularly let their staff come and go to include exposure to patients and then go home and to the grocery store and to the post office and to their families and then back to their work environment being exposed again the following day. Can the family member carefully do that also? As the sheriff, I will make sure both sides needs are met. Hospital leaders need their concerns met in regard to public safety. Families need to be with their loved ones if at all possible. A hospital in the county is in the jurisdiction of the county sheriff.

Other areas of concern: The sheriff will stand in the gap between animal rights tyrants who insist that a bull calf castration is sexual abuse and attempts to prohibit age old animal husbandry practices. He will be there asking the appropriate questions when the State CPS agency is possibly overstepping. He will take action with the people through the "ACCOUNTABILITY TEAM" to stop CPS abuses. He will be asking questions of the Forest Service when fire management seems to be inappropriate. Feedback from many of you has been very encouraging. Some of that encouragement has provoked me to continue active efforts toward Liberty in our County. With 6 people in the sheriff race, it does not take a lot of support to get into the top 2, and move on to the General Election. You have seen my focus. You can see my history and consistency. See old youtube videos from 2010. Google my court cases. See my facebook videos.

I ask you to consider supporting me for sheriff allowing me to administer Liberty across this County.

There are 5 current or previous Law Enforcement officers in the race. I vetted those 5 in person and through research. I filed because none of the 5 embrace the Constitution as required to swear an oath to uphold them. Some do not embrace Christian principles, an essential ingredient to Liberty and swearing an oath so help me God. I am convinced my experience and practice in Constitutional Law surpasses any of the 5. I have not seen any of them along the path seeking freedom through Liberty. I have taken multiple bills to the legislature, testifying before the various committees. I have been in the courts from Justice Court to the Montana Supreme court, the Federal 9th circuit court and all the way to the SCOTUS. See French vs Jones. (Judicial Free speech). I was directly involved with a victorious case opening up judicial elections to transparency. (Sanders County Republican Central Committee v Bullock)

Because of that victory, political parties can now endorse Judicial candidates, allowing the voter to know what political leaning the judge candidate tends toward based on who supports them. All judges are partial. They all have a belief system that they base their judgement. The people have a right to know their leanings. Judicial transparency helps the voter know better how to vote. Courts operate largely in the dark. Most issues eventually land in court. Judicial election transparency is paramount.

I eventually won my Montana Supreme Court case. Sorry to say, they would not address the constitutional merits but due to diligence it was eventually dismissed.

Similarly to Peace Officer work, my medical experience requires precision, accuracy, multitasking and follow-through under stressful conditions with multiple staff at all hours of the day and night.

After talking to people up and down the County, I conclude the most acute problem is theft with drug trafficking. Further the residents of Sanders County are apprehensive about future oppressive Government from the Federal, State and even down to the County level with the expanding health board wanting to force their mandates on the people and our children.

The solution to these problems are old concepts. We the people in unity through trust built between the Sheriff and the people can expand a Peace Officer mindset that through building trust and relationships with the people will reveal the perpetrators and solutions to remove or arrest them.

In regard to oppressive groups or agencies or parallel powers to the Sheriff oppressing the people, the Sheriff in unity with the people can put pressure standing at the interface where unlawful government meets the people, stopping the oppression. As things get more complex it is essential to have a sheriff backed by the people standing at the interface where government meets the people. The last line of defense is the individual with his weapon. However, the sheriff standing with the people can avoid a physical violent conflict by insisting the tyrant back down and go elsewhere with their tactics. If this concept spreads, there can be entire regions that can be secured / liberated.

This type of activity has happened in Sanders County without the Sheriff taking any physical action beyond his simple presence, just being with the people. An oppressive health board member was asked to resign and 2 of the 3 County Commissioners decided to resign. This was the result of just two meetings organized by a few older respected women who have had “enough”, along with the Sheriff simply attending the meetings, putting people pressure where its needed. The power is in the people. When you add a courageous Sheriff to the people, there is a lot of potential for Good.

In order to succeed, the Sheriff must understand the Law (Constitution) and he must have earned the trust of the people. My family living in the county for multiple generations, being with the people and knowing the actual lay of the land is an essential factor in an effective sheriff.

I do not need the job. This is a sacrificial career move and will add significant complexity to my life. However, I want the opportunity to maintain and enhance Peace in Sanders County and do everything possible to avoid violence that will eventually come if a Peace Officer approach is not embraced and status quo Law Enforcement attitude continues. This essential shift is accomplished through trust and relationships making Sanders County a great place to live for the Peace Officer and his family and the people of Sanders County. Nobody should oppose this. This is a win-win.

The Law Enforcement Officer uses the People to serve the Code, whereas the Peace Officer does not reference the code until the Peace is broken. He then uses the code to serve the people resulting in unity and Peace. Sanders County can be an example to neighboring Counties and States, rekindling the spirit of America from the grassroots on up to the severely degrading but once thriving cities.

America has a potentially bright future and that future is found in the midst of service-oriented leadership, people power and a Peace Officer attitude.

Give it a chance. The status quo is not going to get us there. Lets give a Christian Constitutional Conservative with a focus on relationship and Peace a try.

If your not doing anything wrong you will be left alone. Only when you create a victim with your behavior will you be deterred. If you like what you see you have to spread the word. During this primary you won't see signs and expensive mailers. It's you and I working together that will accomplish peace in the county. Let's start now. Please spread this message. Our future depends on it.

You can print the palm card from this website (above) and send the link to your friends. Encourage them to vote in the primary. Many don’t vote in the primary. Those non-voters can be the deciding factor. You can print a sign from the website.

May God bless your endeavors!

P.S.: To read a book that explains what servant leaders and people working together can do, read this book. This book is the most applicable book this day and age 2nd only to the Bible.

The Doctrine of the Lessor Magistrates. By Mathew Trewhella. See an excerpt here.